The People Behind the Festival

  Golden Sands Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council, Inc. was established in 1972 with a mission to support sustainable economic development in Central Wisconsin while encouraging the conservation of its natural resources. Our network includes the counties of Adams, Juneau, Marathon, Marquette, Monroe, Portage, Waupaca, Waushara, and Wood. We are an independent, not-for-profit 501(c) 3, non-partisan organization.
Our Vision
  We are dedicated to the communities we serve and strive to preserve the natural resources and strong rural traditions of Central Wisconsin. As council members, it is important to us to ensure that future generations can raise healthy and happy families. We are proud to help protect our communities from air and water pollution and we boldly envision a future where our farms, lakefronts and communities work and thrive together.
Our Work
   The Council designs and manages programs and events throughout Central Wisconsin. Our efforts support the responsible use of forests, grasslands, and soil and water resources, including the  protection of safe drinking water standards.

Golden Sands RC&D serves you by:
  • Working with the farm community to keep agricultural lands productive while creating habitat for wildlife by promoting sustainable agriculture.
  • Educating the public to improve water quality and control the spread of invasive species in our beautiful lakes.
  • Helping landowners to improve soil quality and reduce soil erosion.
  • Networking and coordinating with similar regional organizations to benefit us here at home and abroad.
  • Supporting responsible and carefully planned development.
  • Promoting awareness of the need to protect and preserve our natural resources.
  • Protecting wildlife and habitat throughout Central Wisconsin.

Our Community

  We rely upon the support and involvement of people like you. We invite you to consider becoming a member of the council. Please consider volunteering your time or making a donation to fund our work. Sign up for our email newsletter and event alerts to get updates on new opportunities.
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