Working directly with farmers to 
"put more grass on the ground" 
for prairie chickens!

Golden Sands RC&D is no longer hosting the Central Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival, but Wisconsin's grassland birds continue to face decreasing habitat throughout the state, and we can help!  Golden Sands RC&D is proud to be a part of the solution to ensure the survival of this unique and beautiful bird in central Wisconsin through education and implementation of sustainable farming practices. 

Working with farmers in a 12 county region, we are helping producers to implement a variety of production methods that not only improve wildlife habitat, but also keep our lakes, rivers, and groundwater clean.  Managed Grazing is a way for farmers to reduce inputs associated with row crop production while sequestering carbon and improving soil health on their farms.  Managed grazing also provides valuable nesting sites in early summer while still allowing a farmer to use their land and generate profits. 

For more information, check out the Golden Sands website by clicking on this link:

YOU can help!  Golden Sands is seeking sponsorships to support Pasture Walks, our educational events for farmers to learn about managed grazing, soil health, and pasture management.   Contact us to learn more!  

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